Although we have been known for our underwater video for the last decade it is just recently that we have been asked and agreed to share our knowledge and experience on shooting and editing techniques in a workshop format.


Below is a description of a typical workshop like the one we did at Beneath the Seas in New York.  There we had a great workshop with a good group of divers and have had several positive feedbacks.   If you are interested in having us hold a workshop as a moneymaking event at your dive show please contact us at


Improving Your Underwater Video Workshop


This 3-hour workshop covers the difference between HD and SD video formats. The course includes many shooting techniques and advanced camera features that will improve the quality of your video.  In addition, the work shop explores methods of composing and lighting your subjects; developing story lines; and the different components of editing including a demonstration of what to do and not to do. With your underwater camera and home computer you too can produce a professional looking video.


How to Improve Your

Underwater Video Workshop



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